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Django Model

Here In this we are going to create two different models and also with the help of few examples we are going to adding data into the Database by using Database model

2020-04-21 Uttkarsh Kabde 0

Django Database

Here we have successfully installed and configured database in django and also inserted data into database using python.

2020-04-17 Uttkarsh Kabde 0

Building Social Bookmark Application using Django

Here we are going to start creating new application in Django. Here step by step you will learn how to get start with Django installation and creating application successfully.

2020-04-11 Uttkarsh Kabde 0

Django Tutorial on database installation

Here we are going to continue our project development in django. We are going to create simple bookmark project in python using Django.

2020-04-06 Uttkarsh Kabde 0

Django Installation

Here we are going to learn another python web development framework i.e. Django. Django is more popular than Flask in many ways.Today we are going to learn installation and project run process in Django.

2020-04-05 Uttkarsh Kabde 0

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