Comment Box system with nested reply using codeigniter and ajax

Comment Box collects thought from your customers for a particular post and gives you easy to understand the way of think any person about a particular topic....

2019-09-10 Raj Thakur 0

R programming statistics example

We are performing mean, median, trim operation using r environment.

2019-09-06 Manoj Pawar 0

plot barchart by using R

here, we are creating one csv file and accessing element of csv file and plot the barchart.

2019-09-06 Manoj Pawar 0

Single Tabbed browser in Python

Here, we are going to create single tabbed web browser with simple gui and minimum coding.

2019-09-04 Shashank Dharasurkar 0

Numpy Ndarray Operation

Numpy Ndarray Operation- Creating empty ndarray, 1D array, 2D array with its different type of parameters.

2019-08-19 Omsingh Bais 0

Numpy Ndarray

Introduction to numpy-ndarray

2019-08-19 Omsingh Bais 0

Introduction of Numpy

Introduction to Numpy python library.

2019-08-19 Omsingh Bais 0

Installing Tensorflow CPU on windows with python

In this, we are going to install tensorflow for CPU only with pip command. To do this we need some libraries.which are given below.

2019-08-19 Shashank Dharasurkar 0

How to install React JS on Windows

In this tutorial, we will learn how to install the react js on windows with its extra modules. We will deploy react js with our newly created project. If you follow step by step process then it will be very easier to install react js on your system and executing the app.

2019-08-19 Rupesh Sonkamble 2

Introduction to pandas and how to install pandas

Powerful Python data analysis toolkit

2019-08-19 Omsingh Bais 0

apply lapply tapply sapply Function in R

We will learn sapply(), lapply() and tapply() in R.

2019-08-19 Rahul Swami 0

Getting a list of random numbers in normal distribution

A distribution of values that cluster around an average.

2019-08-19 Rahul Swami 0

How to handle dynamic multiple checkbox with update database in php

Implementing handle and update multiple dynamic checkboxes in CodeIgniter

2019-08-19 Raj Thakur 0

Dynamic dependent select box in codeIgniter

we implementing the dependent select box by using jquery in Codeigniter. The dependent select boxes are work on the dropdown list.

2019-08-19 Raj Thakur 0

Improve website traffic using social media and backlink

The easiest way to increase traffic on the website

2019-08-19 Pravin Shinde 0

Screen Recorder in Python

Today we are going to create simple yet effective screen recorder using python and opencv

2019-08-19 Shashank Dharasurkar 0

Python code for Face Detection in Image

We are going to detect faces in image using opencv , numpy, haar cascade files. In just 15 lines we can detect faces

2019-08-19 Shashank Dharasurkar 0

Ultrasonic Security System

This project is a simple Iot application for home security and simple security systems. In which ultrasonic sensor is used to detect the objects in the path. If sensor founds the obstacles, the buzzer will start alarm to indicate that some obstacle is coming. The Arduino micro-controller is used to interface ultrasonic sensor and buzzer.This idea can be implemented where restriction is necessary for security reasons.

2019-08-19 Rupesh Sonkamble 0

Crop Image before upload in bootstrap model with Codeigniter ajax and jQuery

We learn uploading image with cropping

2019-08-19 Raj Thakur 2

Form Validation using RegEx in JavaScript.

This is Example of Form Validation Using Regular Expression in Javascript

2019-08-19 Akshay Hatkar 0

How to run CodeIgniter Web Framework on kali linux and Ubuntu

This tutorial we are discussing about how to run CodeIgniter Web Framework on kali Linux and what are the problem is face when run any php framework on kali Linux operating system.

2019-08-19 Raj Thakur 0

CRUD with codeigniter jquery and ajax

CRUD(Create, Read, Update ,Delete) is very important part of any dynamic web applications. The jquery and ajax is help load data from database server without reload and refresh the web application. Reload of web application it’s take more time as compare to the ajax..

2019-08-19 Raj Thakur 0

Showing System like notification on Windows using Python

show windows like system notification using python with custom notification

2019-08-19 Shashank Dharasurkar 0

Tokenization using Python NLKT.

Tokenization using python Nltk.

2019-08-19 Omsingh Bais 0

R Data Frames

data frame is used for storing data tables.

2019-08-19 Rahul Swami 0

Codeigniter TinyMCE with Responsive Filemanager

We will learn how to use wysiwyg html editor on codeigniter framework with Responsive Filemanager. TinyMCE is editor provide the html code automatically. The Responsive filemanager is a free open-source file manager and image manager that offers a nice way to upload and insert files, images and videos..

2019-08-19 Raj Thakur 0

Multiple curves on the same plot

you will learn to plot more than one curve on a single plot in R.

2019-08-19 Rahul Swami 0

R Bar Plot

you will learn to create bar plot for compare data visually.

2019-08-19 Rahul Swami 0

3D Plot in R

you will learn to create 3D plots.

2019-08-19 Rahul Swami 0

Top 5 data analytics tools

Top 5 data analytics tools

2019-08-19 Omsingh Bais 0

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