How to improve website traffic using social media and backlink

2019-08-19 Pravin Shinde

How to improve your website?

Social media marketing:

  • When a website is complete in working and visitor are visiting your website and you want to improve the website visitors then website employees will create one advertise for your website and this advertisement is upload on the social media.

Example: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, snap chat, telegram Etc.


2)When the advertise is active on the social media and when social media user is click on the such type of advertisement then visitor are starting on the website.


3)There are multiple user are available on the phone or other device they are using the browser and social media and small type of advertisement are improve your website efficiency.


Make sure your website is responsive:

  • Nowadays many people are using a mall type of device example mobile, tablets etc.
  • User cannot be use the Desktop because the are not eligible to travel anywhere then user have one more option for use the website that is mobile or tablets .
  • Using the mobile phone user can be use the website on the mobile browser then these website is not working properly on mobile then this website is not responsive.
  • Ensure that your website is accessible and comfortable on a small type of device.


Make sure your website is fast and response in minimum time:

1)When you give some request to the website and site give a late response to the user then you have to improve your website is efficiency.

2)Late website response is cause the less website visitors.


How to Creating Backlink?

  • Backlink is the concept of improve the website visitors using URL.
  • Let’s do the process on how to create a Backlink

1)First, find the keyword

Ex: suppose you have one status website and you want to improve your some status like funny status love status etc that is the keywords.

2)copy the URL what you want to improve on the top on the search engine.

Note:(Don’t copy URL OF Home page) Search engine it means: Google yahoo etc.

3)when you copy the URL the you go to the some blogs and go to the comment section and you comment on the post and Copy the URL on the comment.

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