Installing Tensorflow CPU on windows with python

2019-08-19 Uttkarsh Kabde


Installing Tensorflow-CPU on windows with python

            Today we are going to learn how to install Tensorflow(CPU) on your system. So before starting installation we have to know


What is Tensorflow?

Where Tensorflow can get implemented?


What is Tensorflow?

Tensorflow is an end to end open source platoform for machine learning. It makes it easy for begineers and experts to create machine learning models. It is a free and open source software library for dataflow programming provided by google. It is used for machine learning applications such as neural networks.

            Firstly Tensorflow was developed by the Google Brain team for internal google use. Then on November 9, 2015 it was released under the Apache Licence 2.0.


Where Tensorflow can get implemented?

            The primary use of Tensorflow is deep learning.Tensorflow is an artificial intelligence library, uses graphs to build models. It also allows developers to create large-scale neural network. It is mainly used for

  • Voice/Sound Recognition
  • Video Detection
  • Image Recognition


Now we are ready to install Tensorflow-CPU on your system. For this you have to satisfy following requirements.


Ø  Python 3.x

Ø  pip 19.0 or newer

Ø  Windows 7 or later (64-bit)



After gathering all requirements we can install Tensorflow on system using pip command.

So let’s start with pip command. To do this just enter following command into your terminal like this.



For this you need stable internet connection. after downloading all requirements tensorflow will get installed successfully


            After all download and installation you have to check if it is installed successfully or need some other libraries. For this just open your python3 terminal and import Tensorflow package by entering following command



            If any thing wrong just re-read the post or just write to us. We will try to resolve your problem as soon as we can.


Happy Coding...



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