Top 5 data analytics tools

2019-08-19 Omsingh Bais

The growing demand of data analytics in the market responsible for many openings in the market. It becomes tough to shortlist the best data analytics tools. There are many open source tools as well as paid versions available in the market. Below are the top 5 data analytics tools, both are open source and paid version.


1. Tableau Public                                                                                                                                                        

Tableau Public is a free data visualization tool  that connects any data source e.g. web-based data, Data Warehouse or Microsoft Excel, and creates data visualizations, maps, dashboards etc.Tableau is a powerful and fastest growing data visualization tool used in the Business Intelligence Industry.

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2. R Programming


R is  statistical analytics tool that it's widely used among statisticians and data analyst for data visualization. R runs on a wide variety of platforms. R is open source and free and Ris being used by the biggest tech giants. In Data Science and Machine Learning where R is commonly used.

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3. Python


 Python is used to analyze, visualize and present data and  is a free open source tool. Large number of useful analytics libraries are available such as NumPy, SciPy, and Matplotlib make it useful for analyst.

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4. SAS


SAS(Statistical Analysis System) is a Business Intelligence tool that use for analysis, reporting, data mining, predictive modeling with the help of powerful visualization, interactive dashboards. It has interactive Dashboards & Self-service, ad-hoc reporting ability and easy integration with Office like Excel, Outlook.

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5. Excel


 Microsoft Excel is one of the top tools for data analysis. Excel provide commands, functions and tools that make your data analysis tasks easy. You can avoid many time consuming and/or complex calculations using Excel.

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